Sigurd Hole grew up on a farm in Rendalen, in a small village with less than has 100 inhabitants. Music was a central part of his childhood, playing the violin from the age of six and then moving on to a slightly bigger stringed instrument, the double bass, at the age of 13. A fortunate change of instrument, although travelling is a bit more stressful..

Sigurd has now been one of the most sought after bass players on the Norwegian music scene for the past decade. He is known from his work with musicians and bands such as Tord Gustavsen trio/quartet, Eple Trio, Bugge Wesseltoft, Karl Seglem, Helge Lien, Jon Eberson, Trygve Seim, Nils Økland and Eli Storbekken. As a bassist he represents an innovative and creative approach to his instrument strongly influenced by Norwegian traditional music. Sigurd has released more than 30 albums with his main projects, and toured extensively worldwide for many years visiting countries like Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Germany, UK, France, Brazil and the Azores. He is also an active composer and arranger, having written music for Eple Trio and Karl Seglem acoustic quartet as well as larger ensembles such as The Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

In 2018 Hole launched his own projects - both solo and trio - as a leader and composer, with the critically acclaimed albums "Elvesang" and "Encounters".
2018 also sees the release of his ECM debut album as part of Tord Gustavsen trio.

In addition to his work as an artist Sigurd teaches double bass at The Norwegian Academy of Music.

Personal info & experience

Personal information

Name Birth date Birthplace City Country
Sigurd Hole 13/06 1981 Elverum 0479 Oslo Norway


Year Degree Institution


Year Project name


Year Position Workplace

Scholarships and grants

Year Title Description Venue


Albums as band member

Encounters , Sigurd Hole trio 2018
Elvesang, Solo 2018
Bak Jorda Ein Plass, Jon Eberson Group 2017
Fabel, Eli Storbekken / Sigurd Hole 2016
Skoddeheimen, Other projects 2014
Jorba, Other projects 2013
The Coarse Sand & The Names We Wrote, Jon Eberson Group 2011
Comfort Call, Jon Eberson Group 2010
Arme jord ha jolefred, Other projects 2009


Cover Title Length Album
Chrome Hill 5:29 Made This
Moon Tint 5:12 Made This
Angular Momentum 4:12 Made This
Buoy 5:14 The Widening Sphere of Influence
River Song II 9:53 In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD)
Birds of India 11:28 In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD)
Angular Momentum 4:04 nyesongar.no
Dordei 5:32 nyesongar.no
Etter Snø (Odda) 5:21 nyesongar.no
Live in Germany (K4) / Ventande 4:16 JazzBukkBox
Live in Germany (K4) / Veksande 2:58 JazzBukkBox
Live in Germany (K4) / Vandrande vågal 6:19 JazzBukkBox
Live in Germany (K4) / Vaktande 3:39 JazzBukkBox
Solhaug 4:43 Nordic Balm
Azzahrat 5
Red Sky Encounters
Azzahra Encounters
Sakura Encounters
No Clouds Encounters
Dew of Tears Encounters
Pilgrimage Encounters
Old Branches Encounters