17/11 | 2021

Four fiery seasons on Hardanger fiddle from Northwestern Norway

“Årringar” is the fourth solo album from Britt Pernille Frøholm. She is a seasoned traditional musician from Hornindal not afraid break new ground in the tradition she grew up with. Now she presents her own compositions and interpretations of traditional folk tunes. Together with Sigurd Hole on double bass, she invites the listener on a journey filled with contrasts.

18/10 | 2020

My new commissioned work for Oslo World, called RORAIMA, will be premiered October 29th in the wonderful Kulturkirken JAKOB. Feeling very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to write new music for this great festival, and I am looking very much forward to performing it alongside the amazing musicianship of Trygve Seim, Frode Haltli, Tanja Orning, Helga Myhr, Håkon Aase and Per Oddvar Johansen. This concert marks the beginning of this new, large ensemble which I hope will perform many more concerts and explore new music written in the years to come.

28/02 | 2020

THE ART OF BEING HUMAN - «Unique and deeply affecting music … More than a celebration of nature, Hole puts - both literally and figuratively - himself and the music in the very middle of it. Thus, in addition to being a collection of fascinating pieces for solo double bass, the album has become a metephor for how human kind is a part of nature. If we loose nature, we loose much of what it means to be human»

13/02 | 2020

"Lys / Mørke" - 2x CD / 2x Vinyl / digital - official worldwide release February 14th
( Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium release in September 20, tour dates coming up )

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01/02 | 2020

“…and while you may not walk away with discernible melodies on the brain, you will have in your possession something far more indelible: a feeling that you have known the texture of a soul.”

01/11 | 2019

Today I am releasing the new single "Duggdråper". It is the first snippet from my upcoming solo double bass album "Lys / Mørke" (out February 2020). Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/track/25J3oGuHHsiuBEpB2pAyEv?si=gQ8rRO_2TZyqmHf...

Excerpt from press release:

29/08 | 2019

"Bassist Sigurd Hole delivered a bold but meditative solo bass performance over the course of a hypnotic hour in the compact Radsalen room, dwelling in a landscape of enigmatic harmonics, impressionistic melodic logic and ambient aesthetics of his distinctive devising."


27/03 | 2019

This morning (27. mars 2019) I played a morning concert at 08:15 in the wonderful main concert hall i Malmö Konserthus. It must be one of the best - if not the best - rooms in which I have ever performed. To be able to fill the entire space alone with my double bass playing without any amplification, feeling the immediate, well-balanced response from this huge 1700 seat concert hall in even the softest of dynamics was a truly fantastic experience.

15/02 | 2019

Looking very much forward to performing solo at these two great venues: Nasjonal Jazzscene in Oslo (April 25th - double bill with Tord Gustavsen solo) & Molde International Jazzfestival (July 17th) - opening a new venue for acoustic concerts at the festival.


29/12 | 2018

Honoured and proud to find my solo double bass album ‘Elvesang’ listed as «Best of 2018 - Solo recordings» in The New York City Jazz Record:-)

19/12 | 2018

My solo double bass album "Elvesang" is included in John Kelman´s Best releases of 2018 for allaboutjazz.com !


14/12 | 2018

Buy CD/LP here ("Lys / Mørke", "Elvesang" and "Encounters")
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12/11 | 2018

Interview with German filmmaker and music writer Ingo. J Bierman about my music, where I am talking about, amongst other things, influences from Zen Buddhism, the Shakuhachi flute and nature. Published on Manofonistas.de: https://www.manafonistas.de/2018/11/04/a-small-conversation-with-sigurd-...

07/11 | 2018

Sarah-Jane Summers (fiolin) & Juhani Silvola (gitar) er en internasjonalt høyt profilert duo med to kritikerroste utgivelser, begge belønnet med Top Of The World-utmerkelsen fra Songlines.

“magnificent...absolute masters of their instruments” 5/5* (Songlines/Fiona Talkington)

07/11 | 2018

Excerpt: «The pieces on the album are beautiful, the sense of timing and drama is strong, and Hole´s sound - with lasersight intonation and a haze of overtones - is gorgeous»


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28th 19:00 Sørum Gård, "Reflections in light - PRISM" //
08th 19:00 Åmot kirke // Sigurd Hole trio
10th 20:00 Kristiansand jazzklubb // Sigurd Hole trio
01st 09:45 Tord Gustavsen Trio: Release and touring: Norway, US, UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, etc. Dates and venues TBA! // Tord Gustavsen trio
16th 19:00 Bergen Kjøtt // Sigurd Hole trio
14th 19:00 Lia Gård, Rendalen // Sigurd Hole trio
08th 23:00 Kråkeslottfestivalen, Senja // Solo
24th 09:30 Duo m/ Karl Seglem, Torshov kirke // Morgenkonsert
03rd 14:00 Matglede, Elverum // Solo
13th 18:00 Vigeland-museet // Solo
09th 20:00 Harpefoss hotell // Solo
03rd 14:00 Big Dipper // Solo
01st 19:00 Røhnesalen, Hamar // Solo
20th 20:00 Ytre Rendal Kirke, Rendalen // Sigurd Hole trio
10th 19:30 Vidarheim, Tolga // Eli Storbekken / Sigurd Hole
04th 15:00 Asker museum // Eli Storbekken / Sigurd Hole
03rd 14:00 Røed Gård, Moss // Eli Storbekken / Sigurd Hole
02nd 21:00 PLATESLIPP! Riksscenen, Oslo // Eli Storbekken / Sigurd Hole
29th 19:00 Olavsfestdagene, med bl.a. Tord Gustavsen, Solveig Slettahjel, Sondre Bratland, Live Roggen //
19th 14:00 Driving Miles, Moldejazz //
23rd 14:00 Utsikten, Gaularfjell (Karl Seglem) //
14th 13:00 Gjøvik Gård, Drengstua, Gjøvik // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
13th 19:00 Banken, Lillehammer // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
12th 19:00 Musikkstua, Rendalen // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
11th 19:00 Folldal Bibliotek, Folldal // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
10th 19:00 Finnskogen Kro, Svullrya // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
28th 09:00 Vinstra VGS. Med Seglem / Isungset // Improfolk
27th 09:00 Stange VGS. Med Seglem / Isungset // Improfolk
26th 09:00 Tynset VGS. Med Seglem / Isungset // Improfolk
25th 09:00 Gjøvik VGS. Med Seglem / Isungset // Improfolk
04th 20:00 Bestillingsverk av Kjartan Gullikstad, Finnskogen. Med Mathias Eick, Øystein Vik og Elisabeth Lid Trøen //
06th 19:00 Våler, Tøråsen Grendehus // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
05th 19:00 Hamar Kulturhus // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
02nd 19:00 Eidsskog // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
28th 22:00 Termoli Jazzfestival (IT) // Tord Gustavsen trio
28th 20:00 Rio (BR) // trio concert w/ Jarle Vespestad // Tord Gustavsen trio
27th 20:00 Sao Paulo (BR) // trio concert w/ Jarle Vespestad // Tord Gustavsen trio
28th 21:00 Riksscenen m/ Eli Storbekken, Karl Seglem, NIls Økland, Birger Mistereggen og Per Einar Watle //
16th 22:30 Stavanger Jazzforum, Eberson funk ensemble //
16th 21:00 Stavanger Jazzforum, Karl Seglem "Som spor" //
16th 19:45 Tord Gustavsen quartet // Sibiu, Romania //
15th 19:45 Tord Gustavsen quartet // Antalya, Turkey //
14th 19:30 Tord Gustavsen quartet // Bielsko Biala, Polen //
28th 11:00 Sandane //
27th 20:00 Øvre Årdal //
26th 20:00 Bergen //
25th 20:00 Sandane //
24th 20:00 Førde //
23rd 20:00 Florø //
21st 20:00 Release tour "Som spor" (Karl Seglem) // Voss //
08th 19:00 Hamar Kulturhus // Helge Lien - Lyden av Prøysen
07th 19:00 Hamar Kulturhus // Helge Lien - Lyden av Prøysen
09th 20:00 Balejazz // Jubileumskonsert med Karl Seglem, Arve Henriksen, m.fl. //

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