Sigurd Hole trio features Jarle Vespestad (drums) and Håkon Aase (violin). Inspired by traditional music such as the Indian, Arabic and Norwegian folk music, the trio explores different elements from these old musical traditions, combining them with their own expressions as improvising musicians of today. Challenging the framework of existing musical genres, the result is a unique mix of eastern and western musical traditions - a sort of open ended chamber music described by listeners as a "beautiful, magical and otherworldly experience".


Encounters reviewed in Dag og Tid

4 years 5 months ago

"Virtuoso musicians engaged in first-rate interplay" - Sigbjørn Apeland, Dag og Tid

NEW ALBUM - "Encounters" - out April 27th - Sigurd Hole Trio

4 years 7 months ago

New album in the making!

5 years 1 month ago

Recording with my trio. Just finished recording our first album in Urban Sound studios in Oslo, with sound engineer Roar Nilsen. Very happy about the result. Release 2018 - stay tuned for more info!

New band

5 years 4 months ago

I have started my own trio, Sigurd Hole trio, with Jarle Vespestad - drums and Håkon Aase - violin. It´s a great pleasure to write music for and to play with this small, open chamber music group!