In September 2019 I recorded a new solo double bass album - "Lys / Mørke" - at The Arctic Hideaway ( in Northern Norway. The album was released February 14th 2020 worldwide, except Germany, Austria and Switzerland where it will be released in September 2020.

On February 3rd 2020 there was an exclusive pre-release event / world premiere in Carnegie Hall, New York.

Excerpt from album Liner Notes:


Immediately upon arrival I could feel the profound stillness of the island welcoming me back. Nearly two years had passed since my week-long visit in October 2017. The Arctic Hideaway is a remarkable place situated on a small island of the Fleinvær archipelago outside Bodø in Northern Norway. Built in a way that makes it feel almost like part of the natural surroundings on the island, The Arctic Hideaway erases the physical boundaries between outside and inside. Being here offers a unique kind of quiet isolation in combination the raw force, and the beauty, of nature. Winds of the Northern Atlantic Ocean sweep restlessly across the island all year round, getting stronger in early autumn as can be clearly heard throughout the album. In addition to the rapidly transforming weather conditions, the changes of natural light on the island—both in short term cycles during the day and long term cycles during the year—adds both colour and depth to the experience of living with nature.

As with my first solo double bass album "Elvesang"—which was recorded in an old wooden church close to where I grew up—the location of the recording has been of great importance to the musical output also on "Lys / Mørke". During my stay on Fleinvær in 2017 I spent countless hours walking around the island, photographing and filming different both natural and human made phenomena. I recorded several free improvisations while watching these photos and videos, making a kind of improvised music videos. These audiovisual sketches served as an important inspiration for the music on "Lys / Mørke". The music, even though inspired by many of these ideas, is to a large extent freely improvised. The two title tracks for example, both of them three piece cycles, are all free improvisations recorded in succession as they appear on the album.


My solo debut album "Elvesang" was released January 19th 2018 to great reviews in both Norwegian and international press:

"Atmospheric solo bass"
(Giovanni Russonello, The New York Times. Critics pick)

"... an album of profound beauty"
(John Kelman,

"Vulnerable, naked and intense"
(Eivind Strømstad, Hamar Arbeiderblad)

"Einen überaus kreativen solist"
(Klaus Halama,

You can listen to a couple of samples from the album on this page. To buy the album, see below.


In my solo work I focus on exploring the unique possibilities to create different sounds and textures on the double bass. The double bass has a rich and dynamic colour palette - from small, light percussive sounds to deep, growling roars. Some of the sounds can be both very soft or loud acoustically, whilst others have a more limited dynamical potential. Therefore, both in playing techniques and also in different amplifying methods / microphone placements, I search for the most useful ways to "orchestrate" the double bass as a solo instrument in order to achieve my musical ambitions.

The music in my solo work is always improvised, with a greater or lesser degree of planning / pre-composing. I find great inspiration in exploring the sounds from both Norwegian and other kinds of traditional music such as the sound of the Japanese Shakuhachi flute. However, in my work I do not try to imitate or copy directly the original music itself. Working with, amongst other things, overtones and mulitphonics, I rather try to implement some of it´s timbral characteristics into my own music.


"Elvesang" reviewed in

4 years 9 months ago

Nice review of Elvesang from Germany! "..einen überaus kreativen solist, der sein Instrument wie kaum ein zweiter zu handhaben versteht" - Klaus Halama

Interview with Terje Mosnes

4 years 10 months ago

On the road, 10 solo concerts with "Elvesang". Interview with Norwegian jazz writer Terje Mosnes today (19.01):

Elvesang CD just arrived!

4 years 11 months ago

The CD of my new solo double bass album "Elvesang" just arrived! Official release date is January 19th. For pre-sale of signed CD send an email to "Elvesang" will also be released on Vinyl (January 24th) and digital platforms (January 19th).

Fordypningsrommet, Fleinvær

5 years 1 month ago

I am having a truly fantastic week at Håvard Lund´s remarkable island retreat outside of Bodø, Norway. Time to think, space to create. Peace and quiet just to be. Inspired by the natural surroundings of Fleinvær, I have recorded some solo double bass improvisations during my stay - combining them with my own photos from the island to make small videos. One of them is embedded here, check out this Vimeo album for more:

Video from recording session

4 years 9 months ago

Video from the recording session of my upcoming trio album - check it out! With Håkon Aase, Jarle Vespestad and Roar Nilsen. Release first half of 2018, date TBA.

SOLO recording in progress

5 years 1 month ago

The making of my first solo double bass record in progress! July 22nd - 24th 2016, Ytre Rendal kirke with sound engineer Daniel Mikael Wold.

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