Jon Eberson Group

RELEASE OF NEW ALBUM "Bak jorda ein plass" - april 28th 2017!
During spring 2014 Jon Eberson Group started recording new material - for the first time with norwegian lyrics. After three years in the making the album "Bak jorda ein plass" (eng.: Somewhere behind planet earth) was just printed and is set for physical (CD) and digital release april 28th 2017.

PRE-ORDER: For pre-order of exclusive, signed CD., please contact . Price 200 NOK + shipping cost.

Jon Eberson Group was one of Norways most popular bands in the early 80´s, with more than 100 000 albums sold they also won two Norwegian Grammys. Now they are back, with a brand new sound. Guitar legend Jon Eberson is still the same, but many other things have changed. He has teamed up with ”youngsters” singer/songwriter Hilde Marie Kjersem and bass player Sigurd Hole to form the core of his new band. Together they have realeased two critically acclaimed albums, ”Comfort Call” (2010) and ”The Coarse Sand & The Names We Wrote” (2011). ”Comfort Call” had a strong jazz influence, but also announced the changes to come on the next album.

”The Coarse Sand & The Names We Wrote” is more influenced by pop and country music, making it what Norwegian press have called Jon Eberson Groups most commercial oriented release since ”Jive Talking” (1981). This was made even more evident in the bands release tour, nearly 20 concerts all over Norway with good audience numbers marked the end of a productive 2011.

In 2012 Jon Eberson Group performed with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (KORK), as part of the orchestras chamber music concert series "KORK Kammer". Arrangements were written by Sigurd Hole. This concert also featured three brand new songs, all of them with one significant change of expression: norwegian lyrics. After 2012 the band has played very few concerts, but work has been going on and a new album is set for release in 2017.

Contact info

Sigurd Hole
+47 99525574
Direct contact with Jon and Hilde for interviews etc.
Jon Eberson / Hilde Marie Kjersem
+47 922 21 823 / +47 926 54 507

project members

Jon Eberson
Guitar / composer
Hilde Marie Kjersem
Vocal / lyricist
Sigurd Hole
Bass / arranger / manager
Associated members
Hedvig M. Thomassen
( guitar / vocals )
Finn Sletten
( drums / percussion )