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The ongoing climate crisis forces us all to listen, forces us all to make changes in the way we live our lives. Many musicians – myself included – travel a lot, often by plane. Fully aware of the huge impact flying has on my personal carbon footprint, for many years, I have justified my air travels on the basis of

1) a firm belief that art is a vital ingredient in a healthy development of civilisation, and that artists travelling the world communicating their ideas is a necessary and important aspect in this development.
2) the need to make a living.

However, as the severe consequences of human made climate change have become impossible to neglect and demand us all to do our utmost to help the transition to a sustainable future, for me, the only logical response is to change how I travel. On I will share my experiences, thoughts and reflections as I try my best to make a green transition as a touring musician. I will also share some articles regarding different aspects of climate change, and articles concerning climate change and music / other kinds of art.

The first step of my attempt at ECO touring is my upcoming solo tour of Europe in March and April 2019, where I will travel by train and bus around Europe with my double bass avoiding flying as best as I can. I will keep track of and share my carbon footprint for the different journeys and for the entire tour. Please visit for updates.

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