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07/05 | 2018

"A magnificent meeting between three musicians. Moments causing goosebumps occur one after the other like beads on a string" - Eivind Strømsøy, Hamar Arbeiderblad

05/05 | 2018

"Virtuoso musicians engaged in first-rate interplay" - Sigbjørn Apeland, Dag og Tid

11/03 | 2018

CD / Vinyl
High-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more included


09/03 | 2018

CD / Vinyl: https://sigurdhole.bandcamp.com/music
High-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more included. Here you can also pre-order the new trio album "Encounters" (release date April 27th)
Digital: http://phonofile.link/elvesang
(iTunes, Spotify, etc)

06/03 | 2018

Norwegian bassist Sigurd Hole takes you on an incredibly sound journey, playing his composition "Vindu".
Watch Part 1-5 on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/sihole1

05/03 | 2018

"Beautiful and masterful" - Elvesang warmly and thoroughly reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni for Salt peanuts.

25/02 | 2018

Elvesang recommended in the latest issue of The New York City Jazz Record by managing editor Laurence Donohue-Greene.

16/02 | 2018

"...an album of profound beauty" 4/5
In-depth review of Elvesang by John Kelman, written for allaboutjazz.com. Excerpt below, read the whole review at


25/01 | 2018

Nice review (5/6) of "Elvesang" in Hamar Arbeiderblad:

19/01 | 2018

Nice review of Elvesang from Germany! "..einen überaus kreativen solist, der sein Instrument wie kaum ein zweiter zu handhaben versteht" - Klaus Halama

19/01 | 2018

On the road, 10 solo concerts with "Elvesang". Interview with Norwegian jazz writer Terje Mosnes today (19.01):

19/01 | 2018

Press release 19.01.2018:

29/12 | 2017

The CD of my new solo double bass album "Elvesang" just arrived! Official release date is January 19th. For pre-sale of signed CD send an email to hole.sigurd@gmail.com. "Elvesang" will also be released on Vinyl (January 24th) and digital platforms (January 19th).

06/10 | 2017

I am having a truly fantastic week at Håvard Lund´s remarkable island retreat outside of Bodø, Norway. Time to think, space to create. Peace and quiet just to be. Inspired by the natural surroundings of Fleinvær, I have recorded some solo double bass improvisations during my stay - combining them with my own photos from the island to make small videos. One of them is embedded here, check out this Vimeo album for more: https://vimeo.com/album/4801857

26/09 | 2017

Video from the recording session of my upcoming trio album - check it out! With Håkon Aase, Jarle Vespestad and Roar Nilsen. Release first half of 2018, date TBA.

07/06 | 2017

Recording with my trio. Just finished recording our first album in Urban Sound studios in Oslo, with sound engineer Roar Nilsen. Very happy about the result. Release 2018 - stay tuned for more info!

30/05 | 2017

Jon Eberson Group anno 2017 låter ikke som den Jon Eberson Group man kjente til på 80-tallet - både låtene og lydbildet skiller seg radikalt fra det legendariske jazzrock-soundet som gjerne forbindes med gamle hits som for eksempel «Jive Talking».

15/01 | 2017

Nominated for a Norwegian Grammy 2016 / Nominert til Spellemannpris 2016 !

08/10 | 2016

The making of my first solo double bass record in progress! July 22nd - 24th 2016, Ytre Rendal kirke with sound engineer Daniel Mikael Wold.

06/09 | 2016

I have started my own trio, Sigurd Hole trio, with Jarle Vespestad - drums and Håkon Aase - violin. It´s a great pleasure to write music for and to play with this small, open chamber music group!

04/12 | 2014

This review of Eple Trios "Universal Cycle" just came in from swedish magazine LIRA. Excerpt in english: "Hole changes neatly between arco and pizzicato playing. At times so beautiful it is almost painful - as in the bass solo on Tipplers Insomnia (arco), where the notes changes into overtones in a way that nearly resembles a human voice cracking up. It´s fragile, vulnerable and brilliant."

04/12 | 2014

So happy to be the winner of Forsberg and Aulies grant 2014! The grant is 100 000 kr, and will be used for focusing amongst other things on my own solo recording in 2015. An honour to accept this grant as the first jazz musician ever, following last years winner Vilde Frang and earlier winners such as Håvard Gimse and Wolfgang Plagge.

04/12 | 2014

It just became official that I am the new bass player in Tord Gustavsen quartet! Very excited about that. Following great bass players Mats Eilertsen and Harald Johnsen it will not be an easy spot to fill, but I will do my best to keep the continuity in their ideas growing while approaching the music bringing whatever I can of my own identity into the band. A couple of weeks ago I made my first tour with the quartet, 7 flights in 3 days brought us to Bielsko Blava (Poland), Antalya (Turkey) and Sibiu (Romania).

Past concerts

28th 19:00 Sørum Gård, "Reflections in light - PRISM" //
08th 19:00 Åmot kirke // Trio
10th 20:00 Kristiansand jazzklubb // Trio
01st 09:45 Tord Gustavsen Trio: Release and touring: Norway, US, UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, etc. Dates and venues TBA! // Tord Gustavsen trio
16th 19:00 Bergen Kjøtt // Trio
15th 18:00 Elverum, Matglede // Trio
14th 19:00 Lia Gård, Rendalen // Trio
08th 23:00 Kråkeslottfestivalen, Senja // Solo
13th 18:00 Galleri Fjellsol // Trio
10th 19:30 Modum Bad // Trio
24th 09:30 Duo m/ Karl Seglem, Torshov kirke // Morgenkonsert
03rd 14:00 Matglede, Elverum // Solo
13th 18:00 Vigeland-museet // Solo
09th 20:00 Harpefoss hotell // Solo
03rd 14:00 Big Dipper // Solo
01st 19:00 Røhnesalen, Hamar // Solo
23rd 20:00 Kampenjazz, Oslo // Trio
22nd 16:00 Glåmdal Jazzklubb // Trio
20th 20:00 Ytre Rendal Kirke, Rendalen // Trio
19th 20:00 Hamar Jazzklubb // Trio
10th 19:30 Vidarheim, Tolga // Eli Storbekken / Sigurd Hole
04th 15:00 Asker museum // Eli Storbekken / Sigurd Hole
03rd 14:00 Røed Gård, Moss // Eli Storbekken / Sigurd Hole
02nd 21:00 PLATESLIPP! Riksscenen, Oslo // Eli Storbekken / Sigurd Hole
29th 19:00 Olavsfestdagene, med bl.a. Tord Gustavsen, Solveig Slettahjel, Sondre Bratland, Live Roggen //
19th 14:00 Driving Miles, Moldejazz //
23rd 14:00 Utsikten, Gaularfjell (Karl Seglem) //
14th 13:00 Gjøvik Gård, Drengstua, Gjøvik // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
13th 19:00 Banken, Lillehammer // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
12th 19:00 Musikkstua, Rendalen // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
11th 19:00 Folldal Bibliotek, Folldal // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
10th 19:00 Finnskogen Kro, Svullrya // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
28th 09:00 Vinstra VGS. Med Seglem / Isungset // Improfolk
27th 09:00 Stange VGS. Med Seglem / Isungset // Improfolk
26th 09:00 Tynset VGS. Med Seglem / Isungset // Improfolk
25th 09:00 Gjøvik VGS. Med Seglem / Isungset // Improfolk
04th 20:00 Bestillingsverk av Kjartan Gullikstad, Finnskogen. Med Mathias Eick, Øystein Vik og Elisabeth Lid Trøen //
06th 19:00 Våler, Tøråsen Grendehus // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
05th 19:00 Hamar Kulturhus // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
02nd 19:00 Eidsskog // Ulvo / Haltli / Hole
28th 22:00 Termoli Jazzfestival (IT) // Tord Gustavsen trio
28th 20:00 Rio (BR) // trio concert w/ Jarle Vespestad // Tord Gustavsen trio
27th 20:00 Sao Paulo (BR) // trio concert w/ Jarle Vespestad // Tord Gustavsen trio
28th 21:00 Riksscenen m/ Eli Storbekken, Karl Seglem, NIls Økland, Birger Mistereggen og Per Einar Watle //
16th 22:30 Stavanger Jazzforum, Eberson funk ensemble //
16th 21:00 Stavanger Jazzforum, Karl Seglem "Som spor" //
16th 19:45 Tord Gustavsen quartet // Sibiu, Romania //
15th 19:45 Tord Gustavsen quartet // Antalya, Turkey //
14th 19:30 Tord Gustavsen quartet // Bielsko Biala, Polen //
28th 11:00 Sandane //
27th 20:00 Øvre Årdal //
26th 20:00 Bergen //
25th 20:00 Sandane //
24th 20:00 Førde //
23rd 20:00 Florø //
21st 20:00 Release tour "Som spor" (Karl Seglem) // Voss //
08th 19:00 Hamar Kulturhus // Helge Lien - Lyden av Prøysen
07th 19:00 Hamar Kulturhus // Helge Lien - Lyden av Prøysen
09th 20:00 Balejazz // Jubileumskonsert med Karl Seglem, Arve Henriksen, m.fl. //

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