Today I am releasing the new single "Duggdråper". It is the first snippet from my upcoming solo double bass album "Lys / Mørke" (out February 2020). Listen here:

Excerpt from press release:

Recorded at The Arctic Hideaway -- a quiet retreat situated on the arctic islands of Fleinvær in the northern part of Norway -- Norwegian bassist and composer Sigurd Hole´s new single Duggdråper (Dewdrops) is nothing short of an improvised masterpiece. It is the first snippet from Hole´s upcoming solo double bass album Lys/Mørke (Light/Darkness), to be released in February 2020.

In addition to Hole´s “big and understated sound” (NY Times), Duggdråper features a remarkable interplay with some of the natural sounds of the island. Fleinvær offers a unique combination of stillness and isolation, and the beauty and raw force of nature. Arctic winds of the Northern Atlantic sweep across the island all year around, getting ever stronger in early autumn as can be clearly heard in the September recording of Duggdråper.

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