My new commissioned work for Oslo World, called RORAIMA, will be premiered October 29th in the wonderful Kulturkirken JAKOB. Feeling very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to write new music for this great festival, and I am looking very much forward to performing it alongside the amazing musicianship of Trygve Seim, Frode Haltli, Tanja Orning, Helga Myhr, Håkon Aase and Per Oddvar Johansen. This concert marks the beginning of this new, large ensemble which I hope will perform many more concerts and explore new music written in the years to come.

The new work reflects the festival theme of 2020 - *solidarity* - by listening in on the natural soundscape of the Amazon rainforest as recorded by soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause, and by drawing inspiration from the spiritual life of the Yanomami people living in the northern part of the Amazon in the Brazilian state of Roraima and surrounding areas.
Both the rainforest and its inhabitants are put under ever more pressure from illegal mining, deforestation and wildfires. Covid-19 poses a new and severe threat to the very existence of the Yanomami-people and other indigenous tribes.

The virus travels deep into the rainforest with illegal miners. I ask you to join the movement #MinersOutCovidOut and sign the petition to aid the Yanomami and put pressure on the Brazilian government to get the miners out - the guardians of the rainforest need our help, our solidarity, more than ever.

Lastly, I hope to see you all on October 29th! Join us in Kulturkirken Jakob as we delve into my sonic interpretation of the Yanomami creation myth, where the sound of the ensemble meet field recordings of the Amazon rainforest and the words and thoughts of Yanomami shaman and spokesperson Davi Kopenawa (winner of Right Livelihood Foundation Award 2019) as they appear in the book THE FALLING SKY. These are words of wonder and light, telling tales of a now seriously threatened world in which nature and humans co-exist as equal parts of a greater whole. They are also words of anger directed at the destructive forces of the industrialized world, and words of fear - for our common future.

“There is only one sky and we must take care of it, for if it becomes sick, everything will come to an end.”
- Davi Kopenawa

Supported by Arts Council Norway and The Norwegian Composers Association

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