May 25th: Premiere of new project // INTEROBJECTIVE SOUNDSCAPES

Premiere of new work in the art gallery Kunstbanken, Hamar, May 25th. The audience were able move freely during the performance, walking "into" and "through" the sound of the piece, listening to it at a distance or examining it up close, allowing the sound to accompany their experience of the visual elements (or vice versa).

THE VIDEO features a very basic sound recording of the performance, coupled with a simple video I made of the rooms in which the piece was performed. The installation by artist Tone Bjordam is called "Morph - Transformations in Lichen Landscapes". My performance was not a planned collaboration between the two of us, but simply my response to the installation (I got to see the installation before composing the piece).

In all it's simplicity, the video does at least give some hint to the experience of the audience during the performance.

You may read more about the project here:

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Interobjective soundscapes