ÅRRINGAR - new album out now, duo with Britt Pernille Frøholm.

Four fiery seasons on Hardanger fiddle from Northwestern Norway

“Årringar” is the fourth solo album from Britt Pernille Frøholm. She is a seasoned traditional musician from Hornindal not afraid break new ground in the tradition she grew up with. Now she presents her own compositions and interpretations of traditional folk tunes. Together with Sigurd Hole on double bass, she invites the listener on a journey filled with contrasts.

From Northwestern autumn storms to frozen winter nights until the relief of spring. Northwestern music is known to be full of power and nerve. Now it is time to
contemplate the details. You can clearly hear the echo of bygone times between fiords and glaciers. “Årringar” interprets the circle of life. This is my way of conveying the contrasts between the hard winter and short but sweet summer in the Northwest. With traditional music as my guide, I have tried to interpret my heritage into the modern world.

Frøho lm is deeply rooted in the music of her ancestors, however, she has a vision to bring it into the contemporary world. There is also a deep desire to challenge the limits of her tradition. On this record I want to explore freely with new compositions and new interpretations of old folk tunes. To explore the sonical potential in the
Hardanger fiddle alone, and together with a double bass. The “spelemann” was always an innovator. Frøholm takes this tradition of innovation a step further with new music for the modern age.

“Årringar” is a captivating journey through the seasons of the Northwest. The echo from bygone times make new music shine with hardanger fiddle and double


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