My solo debut album "Elvesang" was released January 19th 2018 to great reviews in both Norwegian and international press:

"... an album of profound beauty"
(John Kelman,

"Vulnerable, naked and intense"
(Eivind Strømstad, Hamar Arbeiderblad)

"Einen überaus kreativen solist"
(Klaus Halama,

You can listen to a couple of samples from the album on this page. To buy the album, see below.


In my solo work I focus on exploring the unique possibilities to create different sounds and textures on the double bass. The double bass has a rich and dynamic colour palette - from small, light percussive sounds to deep, growling roars. Some of the sounds can be both very soft or loud acoustically, whilst others have a more limited dynamical potential. Therefore, both in playing techniques and also in different amplifying methods / microphone placements, I search for the most useful ways to "orchestrate" the double bass as a solo instrument in order to achieve my musical ambitions.

The music in my solo work is always improvised, with a greater or lesser degree of planning / pre-composing. I find great inspiration in exploring the sounds from both Norwegian and other kinds of traditional music such as the sound of the Japanese Shakuhachi flute. However, in my work I do not try to imitate or copy directly the original music itself. Working with, amongst other things, overtones and mulitphonics, I rather try to implement some of it´s timbral characteristics into my own music.


Malmö konserthus

4 weeks 19 hours ago

This morning (27. mars 2019) I played a morning concert at 08:15 in the wonderful main concert hall i Malmö Konserthus. It must be one of the best - if not the best - rooms in which I have ever performed. To be able to fill the entire space alone with my double bass playing without any amplification, feeling the immediate, well-balanced response from this huge 1700 seat concert hall in even the softest of dynamics was a truly fantastic experience. Phillip Glass said upon performing here, that he would like to move to Malmö and play all his concerts in this room - having audiences travel here to listen to him. I would gladly join in! (both to listen, and to perform)

(The Malmö Konserthus morning concert also marked the start of my "Elvesang ECO tour spring 2019". More concerts to follow next week as I make my way around Europe by train. Check out my travel blog at for updates as I move along).

Solo concerts at Molde International Jazz Festival & Nasjonal Jazzscene in Oslo just announced!

2 months 1 week ago

Looking very much forward to performing solo at these two great venues: Nasjonal Jazzscene in Oslo (April 25th - double bill with Tord Gustavsen solo) & Molde International Jazzfestival (July 17th) - opening a new venue for acoustic concerts at the festival.

Elvesang reviewed in Norwegian magazine Jazznytt

5 months 2 weeks ago

Excerpt: «The pieces on the album are beautiful, the sense of timing and drama is strong, and Hole´s sound - with lasersight intonation and a haze of overtones - is gorgeous»

Elvesang reviewed in JazzJapan & LIRA

11 months 5 days ago

Two nice reviews of Elvesang, one from Japan and one from Sweden.


BUY Elvesang - CD / Vinyl / Digital

1 year 4 weeks ago

CD / Vinyl:
High-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more included. Here you can also pre-order the new trio album "Encounters" (release date April 27th)
(iTunes, Spotify, etc)

Review of "Vindu" from The Vigeland Museum in German magazine Bonedo

1 year 2 weeks ago

"Vindu" from the Vigeland concert featured on BassTheWorld .com - 10K + views in one week!

1 year 1 month ago

Norwegian bassist Sigurd Hole takes you on an incredibly sound journey, playing his composition "Vindu".
Watch Part 1-5 on his YouTube channel:

Elvesang reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni!

1 year 1 month ago

"Beautiful and masterful" - Elvesang warmly and thoroughly reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni for Salt peanuts.

Live at The Vigeland Museum, part 1/6

1 year 1 month ago

Elvesang reviewed by John Kelman

1 year 1 month ago

" album of profound beauty" 4/5
In-depth review of Elvesang by John Kelman, written for Excerpt below, read the whole review at

«A wooden church may, for some, be far from an ideal recording facility, but it was clearly the perfect place for Hole to shape Elvesang. The intrusion of outside sounds, ranging from thunder and bird sounds to gentle rain on the roof, only add to the album's overall nature-driven ambiance, made all the more so by the room's lovely natural reverb. It may be a bold move for Hole to make his first release under his own name a solo bass record, but even when it reaches beyond melody to more adventurous texture and color, Elvesang is an album of profound beauty and, more often than not, calming quietude. A recording that trades nuanced, delicate evocations for the merely obvious, Elvesang is all the more impressive—and captivating—for it.»